What is My1Card?

My1Card is a personalized business and marketing mobile app that helps businesspeople find leads, keep customers happy, and close more business. Each app is unique to the industry and person, providing a platform for businesspeople to directly connect and build relationships with prospects, gather information, communicate with customers, and inevitably grow their business.

Easy To Set Up

  • Get your app up and running in minutes. No coding required!
  • Complete control of content to set your business apart.
  • Sign up for My1Card and start sharing your app!

Easy For Customers

  • Install with a few easy clicks from a text message link
  • Clean, elegant interface makes the app easy for everyone to use it
  • App icon on the home screen makes it easy for customers to stay engaged

Easy Metrics

  • Full access to metrics on how customers are engaging with your app
  • Track referrals, clicks, and recommendations through a convenient web portal
  • Seamless maintenance of leads and prospects